New Security Risks From USB Flash Drives

Unfortunately, you cannot simply password protect your entire USB stick, like you have password protected your Facebook account. Tools that will seriously protect your data all work with encryption. Unless you want to invest in a secure secure usb flash drive with hardware encryption, you can use freeware applications to achieve a similar level of protection. This article summarizes some of the easiest ways to password protect files and folders on your USB flash drive.usb security token

When development or maintenance tasks become prohibitively expensive in time, software development, certificates or knowledge requirements, there will be a move to alternate solutions to UEFI. In the meantime I can see the day that a cheap discard-able UEFI based appliance, lock usb not upgradable, would be used for secure connections. Want to connect to the bank, use the appliance, want to transfer data files, create a md5sum, encrypt the file and include the md5sum in the encrypted file. Use a different appliance for the file transfer.

Protection against unauditable transactions. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects against the introduction of local storage devices that can copy data without leaving an audit trail. These transactions are blocked by either completely disallowing usb lock use of such devices everywhere, or by disallowing their use based on an endpoint’s network location. Storage devices can be placed in read only mode or fully disabled, while the endpoint hard drive and all network drives remain accessible and operational.


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