USB Has A Huge Security Problem That Could Take Years To Fix

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management provides usb security features that allow administrators to protect corporate data and assets both inside and outside the corporate security perimeter with powerful solutions such as full disk encryption coming in early 2011, personal firewall, and anti-malware coming in early 2011.

The most basic – and simplest to conduct – attack would have seen malicious code placed in the HTML file that would have been automatically activated upon viewing, perhaps downloading usb access control further malware from the internet. Alternatively, users could have been taken to a phishing site, and tricked into handing over login credentials through social engineering.usb security dongle

Oh, I agree that there is some hype here, but from an IT Security perspective, it’s a frickn’ nightmare. Let me tell you, I can see NIST and other Federal agencies loosing their minds about this. I say that because, usb security although mfg’s CAN lock the microcontroller, the question is DO they? Cheap and fast is the order of the day, and who knows what kind of shenanigans are going on under the covers of these microcontrollers.


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